My Health Story

It’s funny, when we think about writing a “Health Story” we usually think about the things that have gone wrong with our health and the things we have had to go through to reclaim our health. I haven’t had any major health concerns myself thus far so  I’d like to flip that around a little and talk about the things that I have done to support my health and the health of my family.  I see this as our “Healthy” story where I have tried to, as much as possible support myself and my family before sickness or disease even surface and to ensure that we have healthy strong immune systems.  Don’t get me wrong, we are far from being perfect at this.  I have 5 children, 3 of whom are now teenagers and it is not uncommon to hear late at night “I’m going for a Macca’s run, who’s coming?”  Although I taught them well and fed them well when they were younger, they are starting to branch out and make their own decisions and that’s ok!  They also love a bit of sauerkraut on the side of their plates at night and a glass of kefir.  They love veggies and salad and salmon and green smoothies too.


doTerra Essential oils came into my life in 2009 when I was desperately searching for something to help my Dad.

Funnily enough he had a “healthy story” too.  He wasn’t overweight, he walked everyday, he ate nutritious meals ( although I did see his sneaky caramello koala wrappers on his car floor more than once) generally he was in all round good health and what came next was a complete shock for our whole family.